After years of moving their family and belongings around the globe, these clients arrived in Hong Kong with no furniture or furnishings of their own. For me this was an exciting challenge because selecting new items and creating a new style can so often tell you a lot about a family's past and future desires. A dilemma often occurs in this situation as the client has to decide whether or not they want to take any new furniture on with them when they leave. This is the key factor in determining the budget. In this case they decided on a combination of a rental furniture package from Indigo-Living, together with some custom made items, which they purchased with the intention of moving them back to the UK as and when necessary. The aim was to minimize excess furniture for any future move, whilst also being able to choose exactly what they wanted to keep.

Project highlight:

We had fun with the cushions in the master bedroom, as they were actually made out of a skirt the client had tired of. This added a personal touch with no additional cost and the cushions looked amazing!