When we create our very own living space we find that natural inspiration comes from all around. Whether we live in a city, suburbia or countryside, our exposure to the media drives us to desire more of everything and to constantly change and evolve with

the growing trends and styles of the times. It is only human nature to want to better ourselves and creating our own home space, is no different. Our home is our sanctuary a place we can hide from the outside world when we need peace. A place we can recharge after a hard day's work or recover after illness. Our living spaces become an an extension of our being, an emotional extension of ourselves, where we nest and nurture in the most private of

ways. It is a place we can display our personal collections or simply store our favourite objects. Whatever your home means to you, it is the place where you should feel the safest and most comfortable. I encourage clients to follow their own desires and be inspired by their beautiful surroundings, as they in turn they never fail to inspire me to help them define and achieve this.