Big Sky

Big Sky is in Montana in the USA. In total contrast to my usual city projects, I was working at the top of a mountain. The whole experience was truly unforgettable. I managed the project mainly from Hong Kong, so the time difference made for very early starts and late finishes. Distance aside, it took just four visits to achieve this result. The majority of the artwork, all the rugs, and some of the furniture items were shipped over in one container. I was able to choose the remaining items and all the finishes, wood, tiles, and so on, when I was on-site with the help of a wonderful team of contractors. These were introduced to us by Shawna Winter, my client's realtor in Montana. Having a key person over there was absolutely vital to the success of the project and Shawna excelled as an excellent co-ordinator throughout.

Project highlight:

Working with real life Cowboys! (as opposed to some contractors who sometimes misrepresent their skills.) It was a totally wonderful and unique experience as a designer, to have had this opportunity of working in such a breathtaking environment.